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2022 Goals- Welcoming the New Year

The goal for the year is to stay focused on the simple things that matter most. I’ll keep running & reading novels, eat healthily, take my vitamins and drink plenty of water. In other news, I’ll complete my first marathon this year and I’m already training for this, wish me luck.

New Year’s goals are the perfect opportunity for all us start making the changes that we would make next week, next month, or perhaps when spring starts.

The new year is another opportunity to sit down and prepare a list of important lifestyle changes you want to make. I decided to keep mine simple and share some strategies that could help you achieve some of the goals you may have set – because since the majority of people fail to stick to their goals, I figure you might need all the help you can get. I have listed some ways which you can help with some goals this year.

Getting Fit
Getting back into fitness is a top goal for many people, which includes “exercise more” and “stay fit and healthy” it is something that most of the population wishes to achieve. It’s easy enough to start an exercise and diet program, but the trick is finding a decent one that will give you steady results and be easy to stick to in the long run. My strategy here is to take a 10-minute walk daily for a week, increase the timing to 20 minutes and pace as desired.

Eating Healthier
Switching to a healthier diet and sticking to it can be incredibly tricky due to environmental causes such as cheap junk food, media culture and busy lifestyles. However, you can slowly develop healthier eating habits with good determination and some basic tips by learning to control emotional eating and being aware of past failed diets.

Stop Procrastination 

One common barrier that keeps many people from reaching their goals is the desire to relax and do something else instead of working hard. Once you get used to procrastinating, it’s difficult to snap yourself out of it, so you’ll need to put in a lot of work to change the habit of procrastination. One way to eliminate procrastination, is to make a to-do list daily so that you know exactly what you need to get done.  

Improving Concentration 

People have been trying to find ways to improve their focus and cognitive capacities for many years, and most ancient civilizations had some combination of mental exercise and herbal medicine to help them reach this goal. Getting the right amount of sleep helps with concentration during the day. Getting enough sunlight can help improve your mood.

Sleep deprivation can easily disrupt concentration, not to mention other cognitive functions, such as memory and attention. Today, we can use anything from apps to ancient meditation techniques to boost concentration and hone our mental skills. If you go through with this, you will be able to control your mood, learn faster and have an easier time solving problems. 

Meeting New People 

When we get stuck in a rut, we usually end up staying at home most of the time, especially being in the middle of a global pandemic – missing out on a lot of interesting opportunities for networking (now everyone is great at networking) and having fun. Meeting new people can be done through social media and can be beneficial to your mental well-being and help your career, so don’t be afraid to get out there and make some friends. This is a good New Year’s goal but it can be difficult for shy people. Start by just saying yes when a friend asks you to go out one evening. This is a great first step toward meeting new people and also communicating with people at the gym can be helpful. 

Be More Active 

Some people don’t really have a weight problem, and they even get some exercise a few times a week and this is okay. Inactivity can have a negative effect on posture and health. To get active, all you need is to find ways of moving around more throughout the day instead of staying hunched over the computer. It’s even more fun if you share your activity with friends, co-workers and family. 

Develop Confidence 

If you are confident, other people notice it, and it is much easier to have your opinions heard, ask people out on dates, and get ahead at work. A good dose of self-confidence will help you lead a much happier life overall. Building confidence involves positive self-talk, focusing on your achievements, and seeing failure as an opportunity. 

Earn More Money 

Most people are looking for ways to earn more money, and we can definitely use an additional source of income to make life a bit more comfortable. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available, like having side jobs, working as a freelancer, or using the internet to your advantage to bring in some income. 

Be More Kind 

Good manners have always been an important part of a civil society. Being kind make it easier to connect with others. When you avoid offending people, others perceive you as a good and trustworthy person to deal with. So, know the etiquette, deal with rude people in the right way, and learn how to say no in a way that won’t offend the other person. 

Reduce Stress 

Today, stress is one of the biggest killers out there, and it can have a very destructive effect on many relationships, as well as physical and mental health, making this one of many good New Year’s goals. It may be an unavoidable side effect of our hectic modern lifestyles, but it can be effectively managed with the help of useful and easy-to-practice tricks for stress management. A good way to reduce stress is reading books, practice deep breathing, maintain physical exercise and good nutrition, manage social media time and connect with others. 

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