Selfcare with Pranamat ECO massage mat & pillow

The mat provides relief from pain and stress while recharging my mind and body. Each use of this mat provides similar benefits as acupressure while restoring the back, shoulders by releasing endorphins, promoting circulation and releases muscles tension. Since using this mat, the number of times I go for massage due to recurrent back pain has reduced. I also place Pranamat under my neck and lower back. The Pillow significantly help reduces headaches and migraines. As someone with an advanced educational background in environmental sustainability, Pranamat ECO comes highly recommended since the mat & pillow are made with natural and environmentally friendly materials (cotton, linen, coconut fiber, HIPS plastic) totally free of harsh chemicals capable of impeding overall wellness. I’m so excited to have found this set. https://pranamat.com/ https://www.instagram.com/pranamat/ Please try use this may as part of your lifestyle to achieve optimum wellness! Thanks for reading. Mimi x x]]>

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