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Two-Piece Satin Look

I embrace any opportunity to dress up these days, so visiting the Doctor’s office was one of such opportunities today. The WIN for me today was that, the doctor recommended I do more exercise. I enjoy celebrating little wins- although little wins varies from person to person. It can be finally being able to grow a flower or sticking to a workout plan. Small wins do not change the world. However, they can put a smile on your face and help you gain some confidence. We can get stuck on noticing all the bad activities in our lives and forget to see the small wins. Little wins give us the strength to reach further and try to accomplish more. Hence, they are essential in the process of growth. Take the time to notice your small wins to appreciate them and yourself too.

I think about what life will be like post COVID. I feel like the world will have another ’60s move- a time where radical social movements emerged. The ’60s fashions were about rebellion and peace. The ’60s was also a decade where hippie chic style developed—the hippie culture aligned with all the movements in that decade, and it was a time the world witness various uprising. The Youth Movement, The Civil Rights Movement, and The Women’s Liberation Movement. Fashion was bold during this period! With everything that has happened in the last one year, the world may be see another bold fashion.

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