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Water And Lime Benefits

What’s in my water?

Adding lime to water gives it some taste that helps me consume more water. I know I’m not alone in always figuring out what to put into our bodies. From counting the micro and macronutrients we consume to reading the labels on all of the foods we buy, one thing to pay attention to is to drink water, probably the most essential item we should consume daily. Also, the antioxidant properties in limes promote healthy cell growth and improve your immune system’s function. Limes contain vitamin C and flavonoids, the antioxidants that strengthen collagen.

For those who have trouble drinking the recommended amount of water each day, lime water may be a good alternative. Drinking lime water can hydrate and rejuvenate the body. In addition to extra flavour, lime water also offers additional nutrients that may have various health benefits. Lime water is easy to prepare, cut the lime in 2 equal part, that’s it!. And almost everyone can add it to their diet. Drinking lime water on an empty stomach early in the morning helps stimulate the gastrointestinal tract. Digestion improves, heartburn is reduced, and it helps in the process of elimination. 

In addition to the nutritional value of limes, lime water has the following benefits: 

1. Promotes consumption of water 

For people who do not drink enough water: adding a squeeze of lime to enhance the flavor, which helps to drink more water. 

2. Helps improve diet 

Drinking lime flavoured water helps the taste bud thereby increasing our chances of eating a good diet.

3. May aid digestion 

Adding lime to water can help aid digestion. Limes contain compounds that help stimulate digestive secretions in the stomach. Also, the acid in the lime juice helps the saliva break down food. 

4. Reduces cancer chances 

According to the United States Centre for disease control, several studies show a link between citrus fruit and a reduced risk of some types of cancer.  

5. Improves skin quality 

Limes contain vitamin C and antioxidants, both of which are ingredients in many commercial skin products. When consumed with water, the natural ingredients in the lime juice can help improve the appearance of aging skin. 

6. Promotes weight loss 

Nutritionists often recommend drinking a glass of water with a meal to help prevent overeating. 

Lime water has an additional benefit. The citric acid found in lime juice helps boost a person’s metabolism, helping them burn more calories and store less fat. 

7. Improves immune system 

The vitamin C combined with the antioxidants contained in limes provide support to the body’s immune system. 

When drunk regularly, lime water might help prevent and shorten the lifespan of colds and cases of flu. 

8. Reduces risk of heart disease 

Limes contain high levels of magnesium and potassium. 

Both of magnesium and calcium help support the overall health of the heart. For instance, potassium can improve blood flow and reduce blood pressure. 

There is also limited research indicating that limes may also help reduce cholesterol levels. 

9. Lowers blood sugar 

According to some research, vitamin C can help lower morning and post-meal blood sugar changes. Though the study focused on people taking supplements of vitamin C, the conclusion indicated that vitamin C offers excellent potential for improving a person’s sugar levels. 

10. Prevents the growth of micro-organisms 

Drinking lime water may help stop these harmful organisms from developing and prevent bacterial illnesses. 

11. Has anti-inflammatory properties 

Limes provide a good source of vitamin C. Among many other potential benefits, vitamin C acts as an anti-inflammatory agent in the body. 

They concluded that the majority of studies indicated that the use of vitamin C showed favorable results in reducing inflammation. 

12. Helps prevent kidney stones 

The researchers concluded that by including vitamin C and citric acid in their diet, a person could reduce their risk of developing specific stones again in the future. 

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