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Books are great gifts for the holidays, birthdays and all year round gifts in my world. I get it, they are so many other things[…]

Below, I have provided a list of gift ideas; some I shared on Instagram as sponsored posts. And others I am gifting out to friends[…]

Fall is in full swing, and there are several things to improve your health and well-being. To improve well-being and fight seasonal depression, illness, and[…]

We all know we should feel and express gratitude regularly, but it often gets brushed aside for more impulsive states of mind like irritation, impatience,[…]

Fall is here, and so is fall fashion. I love all things fall- fashion, beverages (pumpkin spice latte), the weather (before the snow) etc. On[…]

It’s very important to take care of yourself and get the most from life.   Some tips for self-care include:  See a Psychologist: Talking about your[…]

Floral prints are feminine- being feminine is synonymous with being attractive. Also, the dress is well-made, flattering and stunning. I styled this very flattering dress in two ways;[…]

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Another Monday has gone- got an excellent start to the workweek, something to be excited about for sure. Sleep[…]

Stress management helps your mind and body adapt (resilience) to everyday challenges. Without it, your body might always be on high alert. Over time, chronic stress can[…]

Determining whether respect is more beneficial than liked may be hard to understand, but you have to realize that being respected is more important than being liked. Respect is also easier to[…]